When nature and mankind collide, it ends baldly. I mean, badly.

Our majestic flying friends in the Upper Peninsula do not care for your drones that you're flying along Pictured Rocks or state-owned drones that are flying along the shoreline to scout out erosion. Especially, the latter.

That's exactly what happened back in July - a drone that was owned by the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) was being flown by a pilot around the Escanaba area to map out the shoreline erosion when a bald eagle mistook it for a seagull and ripped the life out of it.

The pilot was on his fourth day of mapping when he "called" the drone home because of reception problems. The drone started to make its way home and then the pilot watched the video as it started to spin furiously. He said that it was like a " really bad rollercoaster ride."

Bird watchers confirmed that a bald eagle had attacked said drone - the eagle tore off the propellers and it fell into Lake Michigan. After days of searching, the recovery effort was called off as it appears as though the drone has been washed out to sea by Lake Michigan.

The drone costs the state $950 and the EGLE team is trying to figure out how to avoid future attacks, including making skins for the drones so they don't look as much like seagulls.

The bald eagle was unharmed in his brazen attack of the drone, in case you were wondering.

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