The chain announced in late 2019 that they would be closing over 500 dine-in locations.

In my quest to make a list of restaurants in the Flint and surrounding areas that are open for take-out during the pandemic, I found out that the two Pizza Hut locations in Genesee County have closed...but is it permanent or temporary?

Reports are conflicting, to say the least.

On St. Patrick's Day, both the Flint and Davison locations posted the same message on their Facebook pages regarding the COVID-19 outbreak:

I was on the Flint Strong Facebook group last week, asking people about restaurants that had temporarily closed and were now back open. There seems to be some confusion about whether the Miller Road and Lapeer Road locations are temporarily closed or permanently closed.

Facebook user Annette Reynolds (also a member of Flint Strong) commented that she worked at the Davison location, saying that they closed temporarily on March 17th and permanently on March 23rd.

Back in August of last year, the company announced that they would be closing approximately 500 dine-in locations nationwide, citing competing delivery and carryout orders were the cause.

There are (or were) 7,496 physical restaurants as of last year - 6,100 were traditional restaurants and 1,350 are "express units." The company is looking to expand its express business model.

I contacted Pizza Hut today for comment and have not yet received a response. Sadly, I think we're going to see a lot of businesses permanently closing in the near future.

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