Pizza Hut

Leap Year Deals Today
If you've got a birthday today, we've got some goodies for you. If you don't, we've still got goodies for you!
Pizza Hut Launches New ‘Crazy Cheesy Crust Pizza’
It's about time Pizza Hut figured out a way to shove more cheese into a pizza. This makes stuffed crust pizzas look cowardly, even wimpy!  George posted earlier about Little Caesar's new Detroit-style deep dish, but I think this new item from Pizza Hut will make that deep dish simply …
Pizza Hut Offering $10,000 Engagement Package
If you're planning on getting engaged, why not think about buying Pizza Hut's engagement package, which will only cost you $10,000. The package includes a ring, fireworks and pizza so why wouldn't you want to purchase this package?!