Someone has invented shoes that order you a pizza. Can we say best idea ever?

Just in time for March Madness Pizza Hut is making our dreams come true. They have created a shoe with a button on the tongue that when pressed, order you a pizza. The shoes use your geolocation to send the pizza wherever you are at the time you press the button. At work? Pizza. At Home? Pizza. At a friends house? Yes, pizza.

Of course with all amazing things, there is a catch. Only 64 pair of these pizza ordering high-tops were made. They chose 64 for the 64 teams in March Madness. Most of the shoes will be given away, probably to celebrities who can help spread the word. But, a few of them will be saved for Pizza Hut fans.

I do have a couple of questions though. How do you choose what you want on your pizza? Or, what if you tie your shoes too tight and accidentally order pizza while tying? I mean, if i accidentally ordered a pizza I would still eat it, it's still pizza. Lastly, how famous do you have to be to get a pair?

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