Carry out and delivery won't be options any more. Dining in will be too much fun.

See why!

It may be that Pizza Hut is trying to distract us from a recent video of one of their district managers urinating in the sink as they release a concept video of a touch screen dining table that shows customers creating their perfect pizza. Designed with the help of a Texas company, Chaotic Moon Studios, the interactive dining tables will give hungry pizza lovers step by step instructions on how to put build their perfect pizza. Size, type of crust, sauce, toppings and sides are all selected as diners drop and drag their selections on the concept table's touch screen. As soon as the order is completed, it's sent to the oven and a timer shows how long the order will take.

While Pizza Hut patrons wait for their food, they can play games on the table from a digital library. A preferred method of payment can be stored for each customer, and the table can even connect to a client through their smart phone.

Pizza Hut's interactive table is just a concept for now, but restaurants in Europe have been using interactive tables that are similar, with great success.

Check out the concept video, just uploaded from Pizza Hut, below.

I think the idea is cool, but I wonder if this could be a way to eliminate the cost of wait staff. What do you think?

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