Somebody caught another cougar photo on a trail-cam up in the Upper Peninsula. This happened Sunday morning at 3:12 AM. (How cool are trail-cams these days?) According to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, this sighting is confirmed (The Detroit News has the photo). This sighting was on property near the tiny town of St. Jacques, off U.S. 2, in Delta County.

According to the DNR, this is the 41st verified cougar report since 2008. The 40th was in August about 11 miles from this latest sighting. As far as a Michigan cougar population is concerned, this is what the Michigan DNR says on their website (*clears throat*):

"Based on documented evidence, cougars observed in Michigan could be escaped or released pets. Or, they could be transient or dispersing cougars from the nearest known breeding populations in North and South Dakota. These populations are over 900 miles from Michigan".

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