The bullying continues.

All summer, Saugatuck, Michigan has been the site of a constant campaign of intimidation by one deer - known to readers of these blog posts as the "Saugatuck Buck." This young buck has pestered beach-goers by getting uncomfortably close, even LICKING the legs of one woman. There have been several incidents.

Add another incident.

Last Saturday, according to, Morgan and Luke Mackley got married at The Felt Estate just outside Saugatuck Dunes State Park. During the post-ceremony photo session, the Saugatuck Buck found them, photo-bombed the session and then climbed over a fence and took its scare tactics to the next level. According to the article, Morgan says the buck began taking a liking to the bride’s bouquet, she said she tried to pull it away. But the deer “got a little sassy.” Knowing she had 11 bridesmaids with similar bouquets back at the tent, she let it go. The article continues, The couple left the deer to pick at the bouquet. When they returned to the area 15-20 minutes later, all that remained was one white rose.

Obviously sending a message. If that doesn't send a shudder up your spine, I don't know what will. The photos show - it's clearly the same 8-point. The Felt Estate says they've been in contact with the Michigan DNR and they are "working on solutions." My guess is the solution is October 1st, or November 15th and the Felt Estate will soon be offering venison on the wedding menu.

Here if you need me, Felt Estate.

Here's the story (with wedding photos, so my wife is already clicking)

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