Another "Three Free" Weekend in Michigan is coming up soon.

Two times each year, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources makes it a little bit easier for you to enjoy some outdoor activities by waiving the need for licenses. Coming up next weekend, Saturday, June 11th, and Sunday, June 12th, 2022, they are doing just that.

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Next weekend, Michiganders can go fishing, ride the off-road trails, and use state parks and boating access sites for free. When it comes to fishing, all residents and out-of-state visitors can fish both the inland and Great Lakes' waters for all species of fish absolutely free! Keep in mind though that all regulations still apply.

Those looking to hit the off-road vehicle trails can also ride legally without the need to buy an ORV license or trail permit. Michigan residents and visitors to the mitten can save a little bit of money, which will be needed to help gas up the ORVs. As with fishing, all ORV laws, rules, and regulations still apply.

The third component of the "Three Free" Weekend will allow you to save money entering the state parks and boating access sites. Recreation Passports will not be needed next weekend to visit your favorite state park or drop the boat in for a day on the water.

With summer just a few weeks away and the weather finally getting nicer, next weekend is the perfect time to dust off all of your equipment and test it out for free. Get all the details on the "Three Free" Weekend here.

Source: Michigan DNR

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