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Once the tallest building in Flint, the Genesee Towers represented prosperity that once oozed from Flint.

In about six seconds, the building that once stood proud in Flint's skyline was gone. It was seven years ago today -- December 22, 2013 -- when crews imploded the once-iconic structure.

The historic building was erected in 1968 and served as a home to scores of businesses for more than three decades. It was condemned in 2004 and stood vacant for almost 10 years before its demise. In 2012, Uptown Reinvestment Corporation purchased the structure for just $1.

On the morning of Sunday, December 22, Flint residents came out in droves to watch a crew from Jacksonville, Florida implode the once-great structure.

Several videos of the implosion are below, and we've included a high-quality, slow-motion video from YouTube user  Andyman7714  who posted the video of the building being razed a few weeks later. That's the third video below.


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