It’s never too early to start looking for your new apartment home. Start looking as soon as you know you’re going to move. That way you have the best chance of finding the amenities important for you. Search the web -- try, check the phonebook, ask your friends, then contact the communities to set an appointment, and off you go!

  • Two to Four Weeks Prior to Your Move

    Hopefully you have shopped and found your new apartment home. If not, make sure you don’t wait to the last minute and get left out in the cold and unable to get an apartment at your first choice of communities. Your to do list over these two weeks should include: find out how much your move-in costs will be (security deposit, 1st month rental amount, pet fee, and/or maintenance fee, etc.), get your movers set, get renter’s insurance (it is very inexpensive and could save you a lot of money in the long run), choose a broadband company for your internet and television needs (be sure to check with your community if you are considering a dish to find out any restrictions), call your new community to find out when your apartment may be viewed for your approval, and get a head start on your packing!

  • One Week Prior to Your Move

    To ease your move, hopefully you have a big head start on your packing. Make sure you have secured your move in costs and that they are in Guaranteed Funds, such as, a money order. Most communities require move-in costs to be in Guaranteed Funds. Your appointments for broadband service should be set so you don’t have to wait when you move-in. Call your community and set an appointment to view your apartment for approval before the day you move-in. Once you have viewed and approved of your apartment, you can get a head start by signing your paperwork. That way the day you move-in all you have to do is pay your move-in costs and pick up your keys! Make sure you also have the number for Consumers Energy so that you may call to have the service switched to your name the day you move-in!

  • The Day You Move In

    Make sure you have viewed and approved of your apartment before you sign any paperwork and pay your move-in costs! If there is a maintenance item you find that needs to be serviced, ask if it can be completed while you are signing your paperwork or that same day.

  • The Move In Checklist

    Your new apartment community will likely give you a “move-in checklist”. This is a very important document that protects you as well as the apartment community. Next to making sure you have renter’s insurance and taking time to read through your lease, many people view this as one of the most important items that you need to do to protect yourself. The checklist allows you to write any imperfections or damages (such as, scratches in countertops, stains in the carpet, etc.) in the apartment, so that you are not charged for these imperfections upon move out. If you find spots in the carpet, be specific about their size and location. Avoid writing general comments like, “spots in carpet”. Make sure you return this document in a timely manner, many communities give you approximately a week to return this.


    Make sure you have called Consumers Energy to have it put in your name and that your renter’s insurance is in place! Happy Moving!

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