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Want to hand out Halloween candy and do your part to keep kids (and yourself) safe from coronavirus? This handy-dandy-candy chute is just what you need.

An Ohio dad gets credit for the idea, turning a six-foot shipping tube into a candy delivery system that will keep everybody a safe distance away. You could also opt for a six-foot chunk of PVC pipe.

Andrew Beattie, who has an immune deficiency himself, told WTOL that he painted the chute orange and added some black duct tape to give it a festive Halloween look.

“I’ve been wanting to do something similar to it for a while just to help people with mobility issues,” he said. “And, again, like I said, with having an immune deficiency, myself, it’s a good idea especially that time of year when people are getting colds and things to have that little extra distance there. Just a little common sense.”

A ghost sign at the bottom end of the chute tells kids where to place their bags in order to get candy. Beattie plans to hand out factory sealed candy and change his gloves frequently.

He posted a picture of the contraption on Facebook and it has gone viral in the last couple of weeks. Unfortunately, some people have copied the idea (and Beattie's photos) and have begun selling candy chutes.

"It has been brought to my attention that people are making and selling candy chutes since I made my post about ours a couple of weeks ago and using images that I own in their marketing without permission."

People always find a way to ruin things.

Happy Halloween and stay safe.

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