Researchers say that more than half of the men in America have never cleaned this. What is it?

The oven. Congratulations to today's winner, Barb Hoepfner from Grand Blanc.


Fill in the Blank:  According to a survey of Americans, 23% of us say we'd actually be happier if our cars had more ______.

Cup holders. Congratulations to today's winner, Ashley Hanley from Attica.


According to a survey, 23% of us say we've done this right before quitting a job. What is it?

Called their mom. Congratulations to today's winner, Rebecca Dinnan from Burton.

These Michigan Restaurants Have All Sadly Closed Since Appearing on National TV

You'd think an appearance on a national TV show like Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives or Restaurant: Impossible would guarantee success for a restaurant.

That hasn't been the case for these six restaurants, all of which have closed after being featured on national television.

You Could Be Bob Seger's Neighbor for a Cool $1 Million

Let's just imagine for a moment that you're neighbors with Bob Seger.

Even though you have a beautiful, $1 million home with five bedrooms and six bathrooms, your house is only one-quarter the size of your neighbor's. Also, the Seger's home is worth about eight times as much as yours, valued at about $8.5 million according to Zillow.

But maybe you could become friends, right?

Check out the pics of this house for sale, right across the road from Bob. He's your friend now. You can call him Bob.

Eight Weird Guinness World Records in Michigan That Can Be Broken

Achieving a Guinness World Record in Michigan may not be as hard as you thought. Check out eight weird Guinness Records that exist right now in Michigan.

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