After being married for a few years, people start to notice patterns developing in their spouses.  Some are innocent little quirks, others are more like "run for your life" tendencies.  A new study out of Duke University shows that women are more angry, hostile and confrontational than men when they wake up.

I'm not saying my wife should use this as an excuse each and every day, but she could easily get away with it.  According to the study, women need 20 minutes more sleep than men. If they don't get it, not only do they awaken more angry, grumpy and hostile, they are also at an increased risk for heart disease, stroke and depression.

So bottom line, when they lack sleep, women's bodies are in pain.  Men don't react to a lack of sleep the same way women do, or so they say.  Why is it that I feel angry, cranky and grumpy when I don't get enough sleep?

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