Being a meteorologist is a pretty easy gig. You can say basically whatever you want, be wrong, and do it again the next day. But in order to get it wrong, first you have to get up!

TV weatherman Al Roker has been providing us with the forecast reliably for 39 years, not necessarily reliable forecasts. However, the chance of him making it to 40 years with that record of timeliness intact is 0% as it was washed out when Roker overslept yesterday.

At 5:41am yesterday, he tweeted:  "After 39 years, it happened.  I overslept and missed a show."

He didn't sleep through "The Today Show," but instead he slept through The Weather Channel's early morning show called, ironically, "Wake Up With Al."  His Weather Channel co-workers covered for Roker, but he was able to make it to NBC's "The Today Show" on time, where the crew made fun of Al in their Breaking News segment.

Matt Lauer tweeted "Rip Van Roker," but many of his followers thought that Al had passed away thinking that Lauer meant "R.I.P. Al Roker."   Al thought it was funny too, joking that they should change the show's name from "Wake Up With Al" to "Wake Up, Al!"

To my good friend Ron Rhodes, an incredible meteorologist in Evansville, Indiana, get two alarm clocks... just in case!

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