Women Are More Angry And Hostile When They Wake Up Than Men
After being married for a few years, people start to notice patterns developing in their spouses.  Some are innocent little quirks, others are more like "run for your life" tendencies.  A new study out of Duke University shows that women are more angry, hostile and confrontational than men when they wake up.
Research Suggests Sleeping With Partner Helps Your Health
Does your bed partner steal the sheets at night, or insist on keeping the window open, even on freezing nights? Sleeping in the same bed with a partner can sometimes be a challenge. But there is research out that  suggests sharing a bed can actually be good for your health.
To Learn More — Take a Nap
I think a weekend nap is a luxury. Now, it turns out that I may even be getting smarter while I sleep. Can your dream help you become smarter? Although research is still exploring it, there are theories that dreams may actually help us learn.

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