Ooooh! Oooooh! I love new gadgets!

Think of it like an advanced Fitbit for you sleep, in particular. You place it under your mattress, and it measures your heart rate, movement and breathing in real time, all without touching your body. It's called SleepSense.

And, just like the Fitbit, it delivers the information to you via an app on your smartphone.

Now, personally, I'm a bad sleeper. So I may not necessarily want to know how poorly I slept during the night. So what geeks me out about this thing that looks like an old-school disc man?

It can communicate with my household devices! It can adjust the thermostat, TV, and audio systems to create an environment that's best for your sleep. It can even START. YOUR. COFFEE. Hallelujah!

I just read an article that said that the ideal temperature for a bedroom is 67 degrees, which to me, is a bit chilly. I'm always cold at night before bed, so I don't turn down the thermostat under 72. But then, in the middle of the night, I start to sweat. What a great idea, to have this device turn down the temps after we go to sleep!

Samsung hasn't announced a launch date or price point, and I probably wouldn't buy it anyways. I like to geek out over gadgets...and then never purchase them. Pointless, I know. I'm cheap.

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