If you need a sleep aid to help you sleep, a new survey may have solved your problem. They suggest that music from Adele is one of the top artists to help you snooze! 

A study of sleepers by the Travelodge motel chain, a majority of the 2,000 respondents chose the music of Adele as the best to fall asleep to.


A Travelodge representative says, "After a long stressful day, it's essential that you de-stress to aid sleep -- and listening to music will help focus your attention and assist your body and mind to relax." How does this current list of songs match up to your sleep-time preference?

Travelodge 2012 Most Popular 'Snoozicians' List

1. Adele
2. Coldplay
3. Snow Patrol
4. Barry White
5. One Direction
6. Michael Buble
7. Cliff Richard
8. Frank Sinatra
9. Take That
10. Guns N' Roses

Watch the Adele 'Someone Like You' Video

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