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New Survey Reveals How We Waste Time At Work [Video]
We are all at least a little bit guilty of this! You might even work with someone who has made a successful career doing this! I'm talking about wasting time at work! Now, a new survey reveals how we waste that time at work.
How Do You Watch Movies – Survey
The belief is that streaming video will eventually eliminate the DVD and Blu-ray industries, like CD's did to vinyl records. But it looks like streaming might just hurt the box office more.
Did You Cheat In School? – Survey
A cheating scandal in New York is big news because  this one involving state exams and cell phones.
There have also been reports of high profile cases in Houston and on Long Island of mass cheating.
Men Are More Sensitive Than Women
If you believe a new survey, men these days are more sensitive than women. The survey says the modern man loves to cuddle on the couch, take bubble baths and cry at movies. So, do you actually believe this survey?

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