The path that led Frank Turner to his new position with WNEM-TV has taken some interesting turns. Turner, who joins the CBS affiliate for its evening newscasts, has held similar positions at TV stations in Chicago, Nashville, and Detroit.

In 1998, Turner was terminated from WXYZ in Detroit, but returned after he says he found God. He left the station again in 2006, founding God's Amazing Grace Ministries and The Believers Congregation in Novi. (See Turner's farewell broadcast from 2006 below.)

During his hiatus from television, Turner wrote 'Raised from the Dead,' which he says is the story of "life after destruction." His storied past includes a 25 year addiction to drugs and alcohol, including 22 years of which he says he was "helplessly and hopelessly addicted to smoking pure cocaine." In the video below, he notes that his childhood was marred by abandonment, abuse, and molestation, and says he wrote the book in order to show others that no matter what they suffer, they have a chance for a "resurrected life."