They used to say you "drank the Kool-Aid" when you conformed or went along with the trend. Now they should just say you drank the Claw.

Hard seltzers are changing the way American's drinks and creating a lifestyle that has mega brand White Claw leading the revolution. White Claw claims to have 100 calories, two grams of carbs and minimal sugar in every can and is surpassing craft beers in sales nationwide.

According to Nielsen data, the fruit flavored summer staple is helping numbers rise in sales and popularity of hard seltzers. Studies show hard seltzers have had a 193%  sales growth compared to a year ago with Nielsen analysts saying it could become a $2.5 billions dollar business by 2021. 

The spike in interest has Michigan breweries taking notice and responding. Popular  Detroit-based Atwater Brewery introduced a line of its spiked sparkling waters earlier this month, and Short’s Brewing Co. launched its version of hard seltzers this past spring at their Bellaire and Elk Rapids locations.

In a health conscious society with a huge on the go mentality, easy on hand drinks have no problem fitting in. Quick to toss in the cooler for trips to the lake, easy taste, less calories, no fuss mixing, and satisfaction with the pop of a top. What's not to love? Yet many in the industry were surprised to see the quick rise to fame of the new White Claw.  Mark Rieth, the owner of Atwater Brewery commented, “Twenty years I’ve been around this business, I’ve never seen anything like this,” and added, “that exponential growth in such a small period of time.”

Fad or here to stay? Only time will tell, but let's all pause for a moment and raise a White Claw in honor of our ole' friend Zima. Ahhhh I knew you well.

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