As a faithful Starbucks addict, I need to know, what’s the deal with the downtown Grand Blanc Starbucks?

The usually busy Starbucks on S. Saginaw Street is closed up tight as a drum. Now granted, a few times during the ongoing pandemic they were closed for specialty cleaning and reopened in a couple days. Many of their locations have done that, but this time is different.

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The location has been dark and quiet for awhile now, and while many in town speculated it was just another quick cleaning like before, this time the doors have been shut a little longer. Like a few weeks longer.

According to Yelp the location will be closed until December 26. I searched the location on the Starbucks site, and the store doesn't even come up any longer as a location in or near Grand Blanc. The site list the Starbucks at Fenton Rd. & Hill Rd. as the closest.

So what’s the deal? On a Facebook page for Grand Blanc residents some are speculating that it’s a lack of staffing. Others still feel it could be a COVID related situation.  Whatever it is, being closed through the entire holiday season seems a little peculiar. After all it is their big time of year for their holiday drinks as well as gift card sales.

So here we are...the holiday season and me without my local fix of Peppermint Mocha. If anyone can shed some light on the ghost town that was once a hopping place in downtown Grand Blanc, please fill us in. Inquiring minds, and Starbucks lovers, want to know. 

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