My wife and I were invited to a wedding over the weekend in Holland, Michigan. I was excited to see Chad and Jennifer get married, and excited to drive someplace I have never been.  As I explained to my wife, it's like unlocking a new level on MarioKart!

What I wasn't excited about was sitting in a traffic jam for 45 minutes.  I wouldn't have been as pissed off as I was had it not been for the reason traffic was at a crawl.  We were traveling at speed until we saw an accident.  Two cars on the right shoulder, and another two cars on the left, and police were on the scene.  After we passed the wreckage, traffic got even slower.

About a mile and a half later, or 27 minutes depending on how you want to look at it, we saw a sign that said "Right Lane Closed 1 Mile".  For the next 15 minutes it took us to drive that one mile, I was proud of our fellow drivers as we all shifted in an orderly fashion to the left lane... well, with one exception!

I heard a barrage of car horns getting closer and closer as I saw lone {donkey-hole} who thought it was okay to pass everyone using the empty right lane.  I joined in the horn-fest as we all moved our caravan along the center line, to prevent any more {bags for feminine cleansing} from getting through.

We knew that we had completely missed the wedding when we noticed traffic started moving much faster.  It turns out that the construction project was done, and there were no lane closures.  So why the hell were we going so slow for so long?!?

That is by far the most frustrating thing, in my opinion, to deal with on the roads.  What's yours?