Break out the short sleeves and smiles! The sun will be back around this weekend.

Yes! According to an Mlive report and my trusty weather forecast, we will see high 50s and 60s this weekend along with this yellow orange, circular object in the sky called the sun.

And as an added bonus, we might even break some record temperatures as well. Here's the forecast break down:

  • Saturday February 18th: We have a projected high of 60 with sun. The record temperature is 56 from 2011.
  • Sunday February 19th: We have a projected high of 55 with sunny skies, the record for that day is 59 from 1994. But this is Michigan and we might just hit it.
  • BONUS -- Monday February 20th: 64 could possibly be our high and could shatter a record from 1930 of 61.

I welcome this little warm up because I am so tired of shivering and curing the winter cold. I hope you are able to get out and enjoy it!

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