Our building has a code word, and in the case of possible workplace violence, it's used to evacuate the building.

With the tragedy last week in Roanoke with the staff of WDBJ-TV7, a lot of people have started talking about workplace violence. Even though the shooting didn't take place at the TV studios, it was a disgruntled employee who gunned down two of his coworkers on live television.

In our cluster of radio stations, we have a code word that is used to evacuate the building in the case of an active shooter, or another form of violence/imminent danger. I know the code word, and I've only worked here a year. I asked around to see if my coworkers knew it, and I was shocked at how many people didn't?

Some people seemed to snicker through the video, which was clearly a sign that the topic of workplace violence made them uncomfortable. I made this video in all seriousness, though. This is really an important topic to discuss with your coworkers at your place of business, so make sure you do it!