By Dusty Meyers | Fitness Program Specialist | Certified Personal Trainer | Hurley Health and Fitness Center

So that Crazy Warrior Dash is coming to town -- are you taking the challenge? A 3.1 mile run may not sound like too much of a challenge, but what about conquering extreme obstacles along the way, such crawling through mud and under barbed wire, trudging through unknown murky waters, and leaping over fires? Can you handle it?  Well, a group of personal trainers and members from Hurley Health and Fitness think they can! In order to train for this crazy race, we are doing this:

  • Running, running, running, and running some more (endurance)
  • Moderate strength training (to make sure we have enough strength and muscular endurance to climb up those nets and heft ourselves over those walls and barricades!)
  • Army crawling through mud and wet grass (just to get dirty!)
  • Picking out the perfect costumes to complete the true ‘Warrior Look’

Have fun Warriors. Happy training. We’ll see you at the finish line!

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