Hurley Health and Fitness offered some really good tips to get ready for the Warrior Dash which included running, strength training and more running. I've come up with ways I've been getting ready in which I decided to take a more alternative approach to prepare for Saturday.

  • Courtesy of Amy Kline
    Courtesy of Amy Kline

    Find The Perfect Outfit

    The folks at Warrior Dash encourage everyone to come in costume. My friends and I have bought pink tutu's paired with black shorts and skull and bones knee socks. We'll see how pink they remain once we start racing. I believe barbed wire is involved in one of the obstacles. We're also going to have the black eye stick to make us really look like warriors.

  • roolrool, Flickr
    roolrool, Flickr

    Carbs, Carbs and Carbs

    Why eat healthy when you can bulk up on carbs, cookies and candy? Yesterday I ate plenty of breakfast sandwiches complete with some sort of delicious sauce. A healthy snack has included cookies, with my favorite one this week being the raspberry macadamia nut one. I also suggest eating at least one candy bar to start your morning. This morning I chose Snickers because it really does satisfy your hunger. I should go to the gym later but will it really help with only two days left? You should also include fries somewhere in your meal this week.

  • n0nick, Flikcr
    n0nick, Flikcr

    Find Someone To Take Pictures

    I haven't completed this task yet but it's still included in my things to do this week. Who wants to take a camera out on the course when they're racing? My goal is to find a friend and have them take pictures while we're out the course. If I have to pay or bribe someone I will. Worst case scenario -- I find a random trustworthy person on site who's going to hang out all day and not run away with my camera. I'm sure between 66,000 people I can find someone.

  • Tom Bishop Facebook
    Tom Bishop Facebook

    No Major Injuries

    This tip is for Saturday only. I plan not to have any major injuries, in other words, I hope I don't cut myself on the barbed wire and I hope I don't fall flat on my face going over the wall. The reason I say this is because this picture is my brother who did the race in DC. He's a runner and former military guy and still hurt his knee falling over the wall. He's in great shape and hurt himself so I'm trying to take all precautions from allowing this to happen.

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