Last year Warrior Dash attracted some 20,000 participants to run through fire, jump into mud pits and hop, crawl and maneuver through various obstacles on the three mile plus course at Genesee County Parks' E.A. Cummings Center in Mt. Morris.


This weekend, they expect to attract as many if not more crazy people seeking adventure, beer, rock music and fun.  The Warrior Dash still has openings for both Saturday and Sunday, but the price goes up as the week goes on.

You can check out Warrior Dash and sign up at

Reportedly, they have some new twists and tricks on this year's course, so look for some surprises if you ran it last year.

With so many participants, Warrior Dash has a wonderful economic impact on the area.  Many people travel from out of town and out of state to come here to play in the mud.  They spend money on food and lodging and many other incidentals.  You can bet that the Genesee County Parks are hoping they come back in 2013.



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