Disturbing video from a suburban Detroit surveillance camera shows a young boy boosting packages from the front porch of a home. The boy is accompanied by an adult who motions to the child to grab the packages.

Tim Turner tells WXYZ that he got a notification from Amazon that two packages had been delivered. When he arrived home, the packages were missing. The Clinton Township man says he was shocked when he checked his home security camera.

“I feel violated that someone would come up on my front porch and take my package,” Turner said. "I was not expecting anything like that to happen but you see it on the news all the time.”

Turner goes on to say that he's concerned for the welfare of the boy seen in the video.

“What kind of an example," Turner asked. "What are you teaching this child? What’s his future going to look like?”

Amazon has issued a full credit for the items that were stolen.

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