A TikTok video of a stoplight in Flint has people saying, "What the hell?"

TikTok user 1furillostar posted the 8-second clip with the caption, "Only my city" as a tongue-in-cheek nod to the oftentimes quirky things you can see in the Vehicle City.

The video shows a string of stoplights that are (for some unexplained reason) hung at ground level, blocking traffic on either side completely. The creator of the video took the opportunity to pose with the larger-than-life lights. You really don't realize how big they are until you stand next to them.

Look for the video at the end of this post.

As for the location, people in the comments claim that they saw these lights on N. Saginaw Street, but we don't know the cross street. Can you help us find where this happened?

Why Veggie Tales?

Another thing that's not readily explained is the choice of the Veggie Tales theme song as the accompanying music. Probably just because a lot of people use it to make their weird videos all the more weird. But good luck getting it out of your head after watching the video.

More Questions Than Answers

The video has been viewed more than one million times on TikTok and many are saying that they saw those stoplights on the way home from school, heading to work, or just out driving around.

What really cracked people up was the fact that instead of turning around, this guy took a whole photoshoot, with one of the photos including a random person in a Chevy Malibu driving by smiling for the camera!

Surprisingly - we actually find this very peculiar - more people are surprised by the size of the traffic signal than the fact that the light is hung at ground level. The top comment pointing out how big they are got over 14,000 likes. Again, what the hell?

Just How Big is a Traffic Light?

Most people don't realize that traffic lights are huge. From your usual vantage point behind the wheel of a car, lights don't look that big. But according to some random website that came up at the top of a Google search, the average traffic light stands between 30 and 42 inches tall. Each of the three lenses is about the size of an average human head, measuring approximately 9.5 inches wide and six inches deep.

Depending on the materials used, traffic signals usually weigh between 30 and 50 pounds.

Why is This Light Hung So Low?

We have no idea. As the jingle used to say, that sure sounds like Flint to me. The video was posted on November 5th, so we would hope the issue is fixed at this point. Either way, it made us laugh, and of course, say WTH?


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