A super great update to a story that we brought you a few weeks ago.

A woman named Ashley Schafer ordered a pizza later in the night on July 15th, and when it didn't arrive, she called the manager at the Dominos on Court St. in Flint. They told Ashley that the driver's car had broken down, and that he was deaf - they were all concerned about him. Turns out, he was actually on his way to Ashley's house to deliver the pizza on foot. His name is Benjamin Houston.

He also works maintenance at a local McDonald's.

His story went viral, and Ashley started a GoFundMe page to help Houston get a new car. As of late, the page had raised about $3K. But, after a mention on Jimmy Fallon's monologue on August 3rd, the campaign has more than tripled in donations.

The mention comes in at around 3:47.

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