Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and the shut downs that ensued, small businesses in the area have been hit particularly hard. The restaurant and bar industry has taken one of the hardest blows when it comes to their employees. Although many kept on by doing takeout service, it's the bartenders & waitresses that have have really felt the loss. 

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Now in the middle of the Michigan three week "pause" on dine-in service, one local woman has taken it upon herself to try to help out her friends and neighbors in Fenton in the food service industry that are once again falling on hard times.

Jennifer Taylor Horton, a teacher at Tomek Eastern Elementary in Fenton, says she can relate to what so many restaurant and bar employees are going through having been a restaurant server in the past.  She feels for what they’re going through and wants to do something about it.  She started a GoFundMe page to raise money to help out those in the community going through a hard time with the loss of income especially during the holiday season.

"I’ve been a Fenton resident and elementary teacher for over 20 years. “Many of these local restaurants are owned by friends of mine. Many of these friends have always stepped up to help the schools, with sports, fundraisers, project graduation, the list goes on.... I know many restaurant employees have struggled all year with the different orders to shut down due to Covid-19. “

Jennifer started the GoFundMe with a goal to bring some holiday cheer during a very challenging time and help those restaurant workers in need. She wants those that may find themselves struggling to reach out for help knowing that their community is there for them during this tough time.

“The holidays can be a challenging time for many especially those who are unemployed. Within 8 hours of posting, I’ve had such an awesome response from our community. I feel blessed to live in Fenton where people take care of each other."

She went on to tell us, “The need is there...I have received 20 requests so far for funds. Some of the stories are heartbreaking, many single moms with children, some who have been out of work since March. My hope is that this will inspire the spirit of Christmas and we can give to those in need.”

If you would like to donate to the go fund me or are in need of assistance you can click on the link here. They would like all donations to be in by December 18th, so they can disperse the funds before Christmas.


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