We're just a few days away from a historic college football matchup between the University of Michigan Wolverines and the Michigan State Spartans but the Michigan marching band didn't waste an opportunity to throw shade at another rival, the Ohio State Buckeyes.

U of M Marching Band Takes a Shot at Ohio State

At Saturday's contest against Northwestern, the Wolverine marching band performed a beer pong halftime skit which depicted Ohio State missing the cup and Michigan making the cup.

The two teams don't faceoff until November 27, but rivalries like the one between Michigan and Ohio (as wells as Michigan and Michigan State) run deep.

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Check Out the Video Below

Thanks to Twitter user Tom VanHaaren who captured the skit and shared the video on Twitter.

Michigan and Michigan State are both undefeated as they head into this Saturday's historic battle in East Lansing. The Ohio State Buckeyes are currently 6-1.

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