I was shocked when I saw this story, and even more outraged when I did some more research on it. Over the weekend, a two-day-old baby was rescued from a sewage pipe. Police are still looking for the parents, who flushed the newborn down the toilet with his umbilical cord and placenta still attached.

This horrific story took place in Jinhua, in the eastern province of Zhejiang in China.  Apparently, residents in an apartment building contacted authorities when they heard cries coming from a fourth floor toilet.  Upon arrival, firefighters discovered the baby lodged in the piping below the toilet.   After efforts to pull the boy out failed, rescue workers ended up sawing off a section of the plumbing, and took it to a nearby hospital.

An unidentified police officer told Hangzhou.com.cn

“Fortunately the baby survived. But the person [who abandoned him] is still suspected of attempted murder.”

This has spawned some pretty intense emotions, especially after another baby was found over the weekend in a dumpster in Hebei province.  Sadly, that newborn did not survive.

Media outlet MinSheng reported last year that an estimated 100,000 babies are abandoned in China every year, which breaks down to more than 250 each day.

Do you think that Chinese authorities need to do more to prevent this?