Here’s a great #PeopleDoingGood story out of Cass County.

Cass County Sheriff’s Office posted on their Facebook page a story Sheriff Behnke shared regarding a heroic act Deputy Taryn Shields performed on duty.

It happened Wednesday afternoon when a Cass County dispatch got a call for help along White Temple Rd in Penn Township.  The caller said there was a dog in a pond that had fallen through the ice.  The dog was struggling to stay afloat and definitely needed rescue in order to survive.  That’s where Deputy Shields enters the story, when she arrived on the scene, she knew the dog needed help fast if it was going to make it out of the pond alive.

Like the Facebook post states, Deputy Shields didn’t hesitate to go out on the ice to get the dog. As she was trying to pull him to safety, she actually fell through the ice too. So now both cold and wet, Deputy Shields had a hold of the dog and was able to get both of them back to the shore, safe and sound. The post goes on to say that both the deputy and dog, which I’m not sure if Deputy Shields named him or he already had the name Leo, have since warmed up and are doing great.

I love this for a #PeopleDoingGood story because Deputy Sheilds didn’t think twice about going onto the ice to rescue a dog, even when she fell through risking her own safety. As one of the comments said on the Facebook post, Great work, Deputy Sheilds!

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