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How many of us have seen a ghost? Enough to make Michigan the fourth most haunted state in the country, according to this website.

Of course, it's not scientific. But Halloween is this weekend and it's fun to think of Michigan as a haunted hotspot, right?

As it turns out, only .0243% of us in the Mitten State have seen a ghost -- that's right, two-hundredths of one percent of us. We're topped only by folks in Texas, California, and Ohio. (Damn you again, Ohio.)

Slot Source compiled the data based on the number of ghost sightings reported to the website Ghosts of America.

So what kind of ghost sightings have there been in Michigan? Here's one from someone who works at a bar on Midland St. in Bay City.

"I was in the basement grabbing liquor, and as I entered into the liquor room, I heard a female laugh abruptly in the room clear as day," the storyteller says. This was before my bar was open, so at this point there were no customers or people around. I always see shadows and have a general sense of uneasiness when I am down there."

The employee goes on to say that someone died of a heart attack on that property, before the building was turned into a bar.

A Livonia resident who thinks her house is haunted reports seeing short white shadows moving across doorways and hearing knocking sounds at night. One night, she followed a figure that looked like a ghost walking from her bedroom to her kitchen.

"At that point it turned and walked into the kitchen. I said ''walked'' because it had a gait when it moved like a person (it didn't just float). I immediately began turning on lights and moving through the house toward the kitchen. When I got in there no one was there."

There are lots more where that came from. Check out more ghost sightings in Michigan here.

(They're more believable if you read them under a blanket in the dark.)

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