One of the most haunted places in Michigan is about an hour from Flint.

The Bruce Mansion is located in Brown City, just north of Imlay City. It was built in 1876 by a Scottish immigrant named John G. Bruce and was considered the "pinnacle of opulence" at the time.


It had three floors and a cellar that acted as a coal room. The attic allows access to the tower, which can be very prominently seen from the outside.


There was a big fire in Brown City in 1881 but, luckily, the Bruce Mansion was spared. After the fire, the mansion was sold to a woman named Cynthia Brown, who passed away in the home from a fever in 1921.

Her son sold the house; it changed hands a few times but ended up in the ownership of a guy named John Walker in 1926...and that's when the creepy stuff started happening.

There are several weird stories about John Walker and the home - one of the stories is that his wife left him and his body was found a year later in the home.

Another story is that he was driving his car and hit a pedestrian; in shock, he took the body to his house and buried it. He then hung himself in the tower out of guilt.

Who knows which of these stories are true, if either - still, this appears to be the beginning of the ghost stories in the mansion.


People have reportedly heard growls coming from the basement and apparitions have been caught on camera.

There used to be ghost tours at the mansion; it's since been purchased by a private owner and the tours have been discontinued.

For a short time, the mansion was also staged as a haunted house.

This place looks SUPER COOL and creepy. Hoping that maybe they'll bring the tours back someday because I am ALL IN!

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