Some people go on vacations to get away from their pets. Here, you can actually RENT a pet.

The owners of the Long Dog Cabins in Cass County, Michigan (Marcellus, to be exact - just south of Paw Paw) are also the owners of the Long Dog Retreat - a dachshund rescue. Yes, as in "wiener dogs." From here on, we shall call them the latter.

And, in an effort to socialize the dogs (and, of course, get them adopted), the cabins are now renting out the wiener dogs to vacationers. But, for some people, it's just about the experience of having a furry friend accompany them on their trip.

The Rent-A-Wiener program costs $5 per day, unless you offer to bathe, brush and walk the dog - then, the fee is waived.

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