A lot of people are complaining and whining about gas prices and rightfully so.  A partial solution is probably hanging in their garage or basement and hasn't had the dust blown of it in quite some time!  As soon as the weather gets tolerable, I park my truck as much as possible and ride my bike or walk to places within a few miles.

I don't like to ride on busy roads, but until we get more bike lanes, a little creativity and back street know-how can get me places that I need to be.  An added bonus is that I get to see places and neighborhoods that you miss while driving the quickest way from point A to B. 

These short trips around town to places like the gym (getting there and back is now part of the workout!), the grocery store (a backpack holds more than you think), or the post office really add up over a week's time.  At $4 a gallon, the savings are real. 

Using my bike to get around makes my waistline smaller and my wallet a little fatter.  Most of us could stand to do both.

University Drive near Atwood Stadium, Flint

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