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Post Office to Raise Stamp Prices in 2012
In January 2012, the Post Office will bring more than just holiday bills. It will cost a penny more to mail those bills beginning on January 22nd, as the cash-strapped US Post Office has announced a rate increase which will bring the cost of first class mail to 45 cents.
‘Dead’ No Longer a Requirement to be on US Postage Stamp
Tiger Woods and Lady Gaga are now eligible to be depicted on a stamp. (Although not together.)
As the US Post Office considers options such as eliminating Saturday delivery, and even closing facilities such as Flint's downtown branch, it's taking measures to hopefully engage young people with snail m…
U.S. Postal Service Could Be Out Of Business By Summer
A few months ago we learned that several post offices could close due to budget problems, including some around the area. Now they're saying they need to make some major changes or else they could be out of business by the end of next summer. One idea they're looking into is stopping overn…
Flint Leaders, Businesses Fighting For Downtown Post Office
The other day, The United States Post Office announced they were closing offices including 12 in Michigan and others were going to be reviewed for potential closures down the road. One being looked at is the downtown Flint location and many leaders and businesses are speaking out against it.
12 Michigan Post Offices to Close
Updating a story published earlier, twelve Michigan Post Office branches will be on the chopping block, according to Click on Detroit.
Although no Flint-area branches are slated for closure at this time, the downtown Flint Post Office is on the list of 3,653 branches nationwide that are being studied…
This Is How I Roll
A lot of people are complaining and whining about gas prices and rightfully so.  A partial solution is probably hanging in their garage or basement and hasn't had the dust blown of it in quite some time!  As soon as the weather gets tolerable, I park my truck as much as possible and r…