You're probably trying to find the perfect gifts for everyone, but there are several items you shouldn't buy right now because the cost will be even cheaper in the next few months. I was really surprised to see televisions and cameras on the list of things not to buy because it seemed like there were a ton of deals on Cyber Monday. Yahoo suggests you should wait until February to buy these two items because new models will be out and retailers will want to get rid of the older stuff.

Tools and snow blowers also made the list, so you may want to wait until Father's Day to get dad some tools. No surprise that you should wait on snow blowers until the end of the season so you can get some cheap deals. If you're thinking about buying furniture, make sure you wait until January to buy something because you'll be able to save 10-50% off.

While you're out shopping, keep this list in mind so you'll have a chance to save even more money on these items in the new year. Or are you one of the lucky ones who are done with Christmas shopping?

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