holiday shopping

Things Not To Buy During The Holidays
You're probably trying to find the perfect gifts for everyone, but there are several items you shouldn't buy right now because the cost will be even cheaper in the next few months. I was really surprised to see televisions and cameras on the list of things not to buy because it seemed like there wer…
Is It All Right To Save Parking Spots?
Especially at this time of year, parking lots are always full and it's always hard to find a parking spot.  What do you do when you try to pull into a spot and someone is standing there and says they are saving it for someone?
Would You Buy Your Kid A Cell Phone For Christmas?
Do you know what you're going to buy your child for Christmas?  Would you buy a cell phone for them?  If you don't know what to get, would you consider buying them a gift card?  Apparently, both of these are on the list of gifts you shouldn't buy for your child.