I'm sure what I'm about to say will fall on deaf ears but here goes anyway.

Please stop hoarding, there's no reason at all for it. When you go to the grocery store just shop like you normally do. You don't have to go in and bulk up on toilet paper, paper towel, cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer, food, water etc. This is a message that officials are trying to push to Michiganders as well.

Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development Director Gary McDowell:

Michigan has an ample supply of food products and other items. But, when shoppers panic buy products like toilet paper, paper towel and other items, it creates a ripple effect within the supply chain. Buying what your household will use for the week keeps the supply chain moving, ensures everyone has access to what they need and allows the stores to replenish shelves for your next shopping trip.

I didn't rush out and buy items this week for my house because I figured people got it out of their system back in the spring and understood it's not necessary. boy, was I wrong. I couldn't believe it when I was out shopping yesterday, paper products were gone again. WTF?!

Look, grocery stores aren't going to close up during a pandemic. The products you need will be there if you shop like a normal human. If you go out and hoard, you're being extremely selfish.

Michigan Retailers Association CEO William Hallan:

Retailers across the state continue to work hard to restore and maintain product levels in stores to meet the demand in communities. Consumers need to know that stores, particularly grocery stores, will remain open. Consumers should plan for essentials in weekly increments to ensure that supply levels remain steady over the next few weeks. As retailers continue to do their part to keep retail environments safe to shop, we are asking consumers to do their part by limiting quantities to ensure there is enough for everyone.


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