The new variant of COVID-19 has touched down in Michigan and U of M along with Washtenaw County Health Department has asked students to remain home to avoid spreading the virus.

I have a feeling that we're just getting started with this new variant of COVID-19 and 2021 is getting ready to be a headache of a year.

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The university saw 175 new cases of coronavirus in the student population at the beginning of the school year.

The stay-in-place recommendation is effective immediately and will run through Feb. 7.

Now before you get up in arms about the "Stay-in-Place" recommendation, take in mind that it is just a recommendation. Not a mandate. But it might as well be with recent news of COVID-19 cases in America reaching over 100 million, I'd be willing to follow some recommendations to keep myself safe.

On the positive side, the stay-in-place recommendation is only till February 7th. That's basically a week from now. So let's all just agree to hunker down and avoid any new urges to get out and party this week.

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