My golden retriever, Sammi, is one strange dog. I rescued her after someone dumped her off on Genesee Road almost two years ago. She initially had a severe case of what the vet termed, "separation anxiety"....which I found to mean that if you left her alone, she could destroy things rather quickly. We solved that by caging her for the first year. But here's the quirky things that she does that I find so strange..... Sammi like to chew on things that are out of the rocks! Not little rocks either, big rocks, five or six pound rocks that barely fit in her mouth. Sometimes  she works for ten or fifteen minutes to get a hold on these gigantic rocks so that she can carry them around. I have a rock pile in the back yard and she will sort through the rocks making a very deliberate decision on which rock she wants.

Last fall, she began a new venture, chewing on firewood. She takes on some significant pieces of firwood and comes out the winner. The attached picture shows her working on the firewood.

She is strange dog, but I still love her!

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