This doesn't appear to be a one-time occurrence, either.

Multiple people in the Flint and Burton areas have reported seeing a suspicious white van drive through their neighborhood. One Burton resident, Jennifer Beck, even posted her experience on Facebook:

People in my neighborhood WATCH YOUR BABIES. my neighbor girl almost got abducted last night. She fought him off and made it to her driveway. The guy had enough nerve to follow her into the driveway trying to get her until her mom let their dog loose. Watch out for a newer white extended utility van with tinted windows.

Edited: the neighborhood across from McDonald’s on Saginaw street.

Edited again.... another neighbor got the van on video.... it’s in the comments.

The post has been shared more than 2,000 times, with other residents echoing their concerns.

Now, to be fair, there's a chance that this post is about something/somebody totally different, but it's worth noting:

Have you seen anything suspicious or strange in your neighborhood recently?

It's worth noting that this story seems to "go around" social media every couple of years, especially here in the Flint area. If you enter "white van Flint" in the Facebook search engine, quite a few posts and stories from the last few years pop up.

screenshot via Facebook
screenshot via Facebook

It's so tough because none of us want to be fear-mongers, but we also want to protect our children, ourselves and our neighborhoods.

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