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Now that the election is over, [cough, cough] I guess I should say, "Now that the voting is over" and the country patiently [more coughing] waits for the results to be tabulated, let's turn our attention toward Christmas.

There is now a huge Christmas tree on the grounds of the state Capitol in Lansing. A 58-foot spruce was donated by Lansing residents Larry and Annette Moshkosky and taken to the Capitol on Saturday, October 31. It's the 11th time the state's 'First Tree' has been harvested from the Lower Peninsula of Michigan and the first time it's come from the city of Lansing, according to WZZM.

If you've ever been involved in cutting down a tree, you know what an ordeal it is. I find the process fascinating, so I've included a video from 'That Chipper Guy' on YouTube who posted a video of the tree-felling process. It's a pretty long video, so you may want to skip through it a bit. The first cut comes at about the five-minute mark.

Heath Miller of the Michigan Department of Technology, Management, and Budget says his department has had its eyes on this tree for a long time.

“This year’s tree is a perfect shape and size and looks great in its place in front of the Capitol,” Miller said. “This tree was nominated 14 years ago, however, it wasn’t big enough at the time. Since then it has grown beautifully and will look great lit up for the holidays.”

We can't wait to see what it looks like all lit up.


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