We're in the home stretch, folks - it's scheduled to be open in a couple of weeks. 

As residents of what we like to call "Grand Burton" (Grand Blanc/Burton border), yes, we too were frustrated with the closing of Hill & Belsay Roads to construct the new roundabout. Yes, something needed to be done, but of course, none of us wanted to wait for it.

Let's be honest with ourselves - most of the people complaining about the roundabout are incapable of understanding a four-way stop to begin with. Trust me, I've sat at quite a few, watching the panic roll over peoples' faces as they try to figure out when it's their turn to go. So I think this will be a GOOD thing.

I'm sure the employees of Rite Aid will be glad when it's done, too.

Thanks to Dennis John O'Malley on the Williamsburg Farms Subdivision page for this cool drone pic!

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