With the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, it's been a slow but steady change.

It's been changing over the years, but it's most evident this year at the North American International Auto Show at the Cobo Center in Detroit - there's not a lot of women in tight, cleavage-bearing dresses, posing next to cars. Instead, there are women (and men), smartly dressed in blazers and sleeveless dresses or slacks.

Don't call them models - they're product specialists.

It's not a knock on women who make money by objectifying their bodies - there's still plenty of places that you can do that. And, let's be honest, these product specialists are still attractive. But they want your focus on the CAR.

And don't take these ladies for granted, either. They know a LOT about the cars. I remember talking to WNEM's Rachel McCreery about her days as a "product specialist" at the auto show. She said that people thought they were just "models," but they were expected to be walking Wikipedias about the brands.

The days of "booth babes" are over. Of course, you'll find a few scantily-clad ladies in sparkly gowns, but for the most part, there are changes happening, and as a guy, I think it's GREAT.

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