Sometimes the old way is the best way, and now it seems the organizers of the famed North American International Detroit Auto Show agree.

After years of being a winter show, organizers boldly changed the legendary auto show date to September. Seeing it wasn't working as well as hoped with attendance the decision has been made to sit 2024 out and go back to basics in 2025.

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Rod Alberts, executive director of the Detroit Auto Show and Detroit Auto Dealers Association, which organizes the yearly event, announced the show would return to January in 2025.

"The Detroit Auto Show is pleased to announce the iconic show will return to its roots with a January 2025 debut.  Our primary goal is to create the most impactful event we can and after discussions with numerous constituencies, we believe a January date absolutely makes the most sense. In a constantly changing global automotive landscape, this update reflects our efforts to continue to reimagine the Detroit Auto Show with keeping an eye on our traditional focus – getting people excited about cars", Alberts said in a press release.

The NAIAS website is already hyping the return in 2025 with show details. The show will run Friday, January 10, 2025, and run through MLK day January 20 at Huntington Place in downtown Detroit. All the fanfare will be back with the big kick-off featuring the Red Carpet Charity Preview which has raised more than $100 million for children’s charities in Southeastern Michigan over the past 25 years.

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The legendary show for manufacturers and automobile enthusiasts began in 1899 and evolved into an international media event as the North American International Show in 1989. It's estimated that the show generates a revenue of over $500 million for Detroit's local economy.

Get more information about the show and ticket sales here. 

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