This is the kind of stuff that you see in the movies.

@MSPNorthernMI via Twitter

A Michigan State Trooper is being hailed as a hero after using his patrol car to stop a car that was being driven out of control by a man who'd had a stroke.

@MSPNorthernMI via Twitter

It happened just after 7 a.m. on Tuesday - MSP trooper Tyler Baker from the Cadillac area was called out to the area of U.S. Route 131 in Wexford County to check on a vehicle that was being driven around with four flat tires.

@MSPNorthernMI via Twitter

Baker found the car near mile marker 188 and flipped on his sirens and lights, but the car still did not stop. After several unsuccessful attempts at pulling the vehicle over, Baker used his patrol car to pull in front of the vehicle and stop it. That's when he realized that the driver was having a stroke.

He called emergency medical personnel and the 84-year-old Petoskey man was taken to a local hospital. Both vehicles sustained minor damage. The Michigan State Police Northern Michigan shared pictures of the incident on their Twitter feed.

The man had driven for over 100 miles on four flat tires and completely inoperable brakes. That's amazing by itself, I can't believe that he didn't end up hitting somebody or driving off the road. Just an incredible story; this trooper really is a hero.

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